Commercial Interior Design Strategic planning for corporate real estate and commercial space utilization is a key service. We work with our clients to thoroughly understand their resources, clients, employees, technology, brand, goals and mission.
Residential Interior Design The clean modern lines are indicative of the thoughts that go into the development of a master design plan. Location, climate, and lifestyle, all need to be taken into consideration when conceptualizing a dream home.
Landscaping Design As a full service company we provide a one-stop shop for all areas of landscaping to coordinate with your buildings. This includes: design, maintenance, construction, irrigation, stone walls, walkways, outdoor rooms, water features, and lighting for residential and commercial clients.

Comfort the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Embellishing our lives with our environments, should be as unique as each and everyone of our thumbprints.


  • Founder of Laurie Fraser Design
  • Award winning designer
  • 2-Time Winner HGTV Designers Challenge
  • The Franklin Report
  • American Society of Interior Design
  • 30 years progressive experience in Interior Design
  • Featured in the Malibu Times Magazine Los Angeles Times, Historical Society Interiors, LA Design Magazine and various industry publications.

Focusing on her clients’ visions, Laurie emphasizes the development of an environment that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient.

She balances the various requirements and observations to produce the best quality for the investment, through sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Phone No:(818) 421-8868